A little about us.

Our story What do you do with a wedding gift of $300 and advice on the birds and the bees? Start a bee/honey business of course.

We started with a single hive in 2015, that grew quickly to 7 that year. Now up to 25. Hmm...we thought. We may have a knack for this! Studying all that we could, our bees were successful and giving us the best honey we ever tasted. But they also gave us wax, propolis and ideas!

Watching all the girls in the hive work so hard to make all this goodness (the male bees are called drones and they are only good for one purpose... and then they die), this mother daughter team decided to buzz right in to beekeeping. Not that we don't love the men in our life, we just don't need them to do our heavy lifting ;) We are proud to be women beekeepers in a predominately male business. #girlpower

Our honey and products Our bees forage on clover, tallow, and wildflowers in our home of West Baton Rouge Parish. We are passionate in providing pure, raw, unfiltered honey. 

We soon came to realize, that beekeeping isn't just about collecting honey; it's about getting to know your bees, their behaviors, and their response to the natural environment around them. It opened our eyes to how important the environment was to the bees, and all the ways we could positively or negatively impact that. This awareness inspired our Beeswax Food Wraps and natural skincare products. 



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